• mikaalbates


My Love.

I claim you.

I want you.

You are mine.

Exactly as you are.

And you are free.

I would have you in each and every way that you can embody in the world. Not too much, and never not enough.

For I need you wild and unbroken that I might know myself as such.

And if a better man can claim you, let him step forward that I might see and know him and bow at his feet.

For He shall have to best me to claim you, and I have been preparing for you all of my life.

And I long for better men and women to surround myself with that I might make them better as they make me better than the perfection that I already am.

Step forward.

I love you. I claim you. You are mine. And you are Free.



©2018 by Mikaal Bates