• mikaalbates

"An Act of Revolution..."

Men's Work is an act of Revolution.

Some might say this is a bold claim.

But I say to practice Presence in a time of chaos is a revolutionary act;

To practice Posture in a time of collapse is a revolutionary act;

To Practice Connection in a dis-connected world is a revolutionary act;

To Practice Holding Space to help Her emote Her fullest Truth is a revolutionary act.

To engage in the practice of Men's Work is to affirm your belief that something in this world needs to change.

That in and of itself makes you a Rebel.

A Rebel who believes differently from the crowd.

A Rebel who believes that changing his posture and changing his breath can literally transform his life and the life of everyone around him.

A Rebel who believes it's time for Women to be treated differently,

The Planet needs to be treated differently,

Men need to treat themselves and other men differently.

And these are all great talking points.

Wonderful things to donate money to, or "like" on facebook.

But what are you actually DOING about it?

Or better yet, what are you actually "BEING" about it?

What if you could develop yourself to the point that everywhere you went, people would look to you to provide stability, a sense of safety, or even advice?

The Practice of Men's Work is an act of Revolution against a Culture that suppresses Purpose, Freedom, and Love in exchange for consumer therapy; in exchange for 500 channels of well-produced television and the ever at-the-ready dopamine inducer of smart-phones and social media.

The Practice of Men's Work allows us to begin to reclaim our lost sensitivity- to jump-start our intuition- to seek connection with other men when the impulse to sulk back to our den and dwell in lone-wolf mentality is almost overwhelming.

We Consciously practice meditation and movement, breath and space-holding because we know that whether we are aware of it or not, we are always practicing something.

Many of us spend our days practicing anger, resentment, bad posture, bitterness, shallow-breathing, and victim-mentality, then wonder why our lives aren't changing for the better and we fall deeper into lives of "quiet desperation" until something, finally gives...

What if you brought conscious awareness to your life, around things like posture, mindset, negative self-talk, and judgment?

When we add movement, breath, stillness to the body, something changes.

When we stand toe-to-toe with another man and look them in the eye rather than looking for ways to judge them as less-than to protect our own fragile egos, something deep inside of us shifts, brightens, opens.

This is what the world needs from us.

This is what Women are begging from us.

Men's Work is the Antidote to Apathy.

When we Practice Men’s Work, we practice Medicine.

Structure. Presence. Awareness. Sensitivity. Depth.

We strive to make ourselves into Medicine in a world seeking relief- Men capable of giving the Medicine that is needed, not just the Medicine we want to give.

Can we actually become that useful? Useful to the point that simply our Presence in a space can calm, heal, empower.

What would that be like?

What would your life look like if that was true?

What would the lives of the people most important to you look like if that was true?

Together, we Practice.

Together, we Rebel.

Together we join the Revolution.

What’s your revolution?

And what are you practicing?


©2018 by Mikaal Bates