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Dance as Medicine

Updated: Jul 6, 2019


She has been one of my greatest Teachers.

Men's Work has been another.

There is a saying I love:

"The Mind was made to be still, the Body was made to Move."

And when Dance Herself breathes me brave enough

to be the Free Spirit I am,

MIND turns-off

& BODYS Turns-on

to the point that each move I make

takes me by surprise,

bubbling up from some ancient chasm deep within me

that is un-divorceable from rivers, avalanches,

volcanoes and shooting stars.

And as the music builds, thick and unctuous,

She begs my body to untie its tensions,

unlock its blockages,

& submit myself as willing sacrifice

to the ancient, undulating joy

of motion.

"Can you Dance like no one's watching?" she whispers ...

"Can you Dance when everyone is watching?" she asks ...

And as I move across the floor, weaving through the heaving, sweat-drenched collective-

the singular entity WE become, made of each and every gorgeous, individuated soul

I have the pleasure to call friends, lovers, and allies all ...

... Her inquiry calls to me

through the eyes of every gaze I meet as if to say:

"Are you (hu)Man enough you hurl yourself free from doubt

into mindless movement so exquisitely

that those around you have no choice

but to drop their doubts,

forget their fears,

cancel their criticism,

jettison their judgments

and join in this glorious, undulating mass of humanity?"

In the dawning of this Modern Moment,

Dance is the Queen to which we pledge our juicy fealty-

knees bent, flashing feet, swaying hips, dervish whirling.

Here we worship at the Church of a New Age.

We pray to the Pantheon, feel the Spirit, and Save our own souls

& each other from the need to be saved,

by paying deference to the Deities of Dance...

My question to YOU is...

Are you willing to put your body in motion and be moved by something more than your mind?

Will you answer Her call?

Will you join in the worship and lose yourself in Dance?

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©2018 by Mikaal Bates