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What is Men's "Alpha Tribe"?

"Alpha Tribe is an international community of men dedicated to excellence in leadership & self mastery.

We gather to support and challenge one another in the pursuit of life Purpose, the realization of true Freedom, and the selfless service of living as Love.

We utilize mixed spiritual practices to face our challenges and accelerate our development in each of these three areas of life.

We train each other to be what we could never be alone.

MEN: You intuit that a greater experience of life is possible, but find yourself continually stuck and distracted in meaningless work.

You can feel that this steady dose of unfulfilling tasks, social media, and television are killing your warrior spirit.

You know that committed practices—physical, mental, spiritual, and relational—are required to bridge the gap between the man you are today and the man you are destined to become.

But you struggle to find the motivation and discipline to truly implement those practices.

Since the first fire was sparked, men have been gathering in tribe to achieve together what they recognize they cannot achieve on their own.

Collectively pooling the discipline, challenges, and aspirations of its members, the tribe helps transform each man into the man he was meant to be.

Tribe was founded on this principle. Collectively practicing movement, stillness, competition, connection, and play, we conquer the habitual barriers that prevent us from living the lives of our dreams."

Alpha Tribe offers opportunities for In-person Men's Work in LA and NYC, as well as an online men's work accountability group, and in-person Workshops and Intensives conducted by our Tribal Leaders.

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