The Evolution of the 


is at hand, and the FEMININE







A Higher Purpose calls to you.

As MEN, we used to hunt Antelope together,


for the good of all. 

Now, most of us Push Paper for someone Else's dream.... 

But you're beginning to realize, just as I did,  
the absolute necessity
for us as Men 
to seek 
the tools + Training needed to become 

the Men our World is calling for. ​

Your entire life has lead you to this moment:

What are you willing to let go of

to claim purpose, passion, partnership?



Men of the past Believed it had to be one or the other:​


A) strong + Silent, Hard & Tough, emotionally-
reserved, Stoic, power-driven. ​

- OR -

B) Soft + sensitive, Expressive, emotionally-

available, Free-spirited, intellectually-driven. ​​​

The Modern Man Embraces UNION:   

- Strength + Sensitivity -

- Power + Presence -

- Humor + Depth -

- Kindness + Killer Instinct -

Women & World can wait no longer. 
It's time For Men to step up.  

Your unfulfilled dreams aren't just affecting you. 
Your family can feel it, your friends can feel it, y
our partner can definitely feel it. 

If you died tomorrow, would you die complete,
having given your gifts fully in the world?


Are you living the life of your dreams
or are you fulfilling someone else's?

 Coaching +

Sacred Relationship

  • Transformational Leadership coaching
    offered 1-on-1 or in tandem w/ my partner, Touch. 

  • Working w/ high-powered leaders & Organizations willing
    to do what it takes
     to step up to something greater. 

  • Empowering Men to Lead fearlessly and love ferociously.

  • Empowering Women to Lead powerfully and Love totally. 

  • for Couples ready to transcend the battle of the sexes and take Conscious Relationship to the next level. 

  • Polarity 101: Learn The ins-and-outs of Masculine / Feminine Dynamics


Hi, I'm Mikaal.


My mission is the evolution of Masculine Consciousness across the Planet in our lifetime, one man at a time.

Together, I help you cut through Resistance,

Discover True Purpose,

& create powerful, lasting partnerships.

My work is Transformational Coaching,
doing whatever it takes 
to help you transform

from what you were told to do

into what you were born to do. 

 I lead Men's Work - 1-on-1, online, Group Collectives, weekend intensives, & private offerings. 

I Facilitate Rites of Passagehost ritual gatherings, & Curate Medicine Experiences.

“Never give a Sword

to a man who can't dance.”



Justin Lange

-Inventor & Entrepreneur-

“When I started a new company, working with Mikaal one on one was one of the best choices I made to support my success. 

My new job requires a tremendous amount of flexibility and strength (which, as Mikaal will tell you, one is nothing without the other).


Our training program taught me to create my reality with a unique visualization component that Mikaal uses to turn ordinary training into personal rituals for disciplined success and courage.”


Alexandra Roxo

-Women's Empowerment Coach, Author, Healer-

"Working with Mikaal has been a total rewrite in my relationship to masculine energy and men. His ability to hold my emotional ups and downs, to make me feel safe, and give me deep presence has completely changed the way I relate with men. His ability to deeply listen to me without projection or wobbling due to my intensity- is REAL! I have challenged him to edges but he stays strong. He stays present. This is the mark of an incredible coach, colleague and friend- a new paradigm of masculinity  that the world is deeply needing in times like these."  

Andy Radzevicius

-Software Designer-

"Signed up for a three-month container with Mikaal, and I wasn't sure exactly what it would look like. Honestly, I could not have planned for what I discovered working with Mikaal. In developing my masculine energy and Presence, I have found it easier to stand firm when facing challenges in life. It's upgraded the degree of myself that I bring to work and play, enough that my colleagues and friends took notice. My relationship expanded the most. The day after our third Polarity session, my woman spoke to a deeper sense of TRUST in me than she had ever felt before. Root to Rise, Mikaal will help you expand."

Heather Manwaring

-Photographer, Artist, Entreppeneur-

"Working with Mikaal has been one of the most intense, mind-blowing, transformational experiences of my life thus far--and I've experienced a lot. I entered the container we created with a million fears and two specific desires, and stepped out of the container with more than I could have ever hoped for. With Mikaal's support, I have seen exponential growth as an individual and as a lover within my sacred relationship. I feel clear, focused, turned on, safe and at home in my own body, playful, secure, wild, and happy. I fell in even deeper love with myself, my partner, and the world around me. And...our sex life has shot through the goddamn roof--worth the cost right there ;) Simply put, I am more ME than I have ever been, and yet totally unrecognizable. Hire. This. Man. Seriously. Do it."

Peter Adam Simon

-Serial Entrepreneur,

5-Elements Acupuncturist-

“I love working with Mikaal. He is a wonderful human who always shows up with care and compassion, as well as a healthy dose of intensity.


I wasn’t sure if creating a coaching container around mindfulness and self-love practice would be helpful for me, but it proved to be exactly what I needed. I continue to use the tips, tricks, and daily practices we developed together.


What a human being! I hope you get the opportunity to work with this man.” 

The Longest Journey of a Man's life is the journey from his head into his Heart."

-Sioux Proverb


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"In the words of the ancients, one should make decisions
within the space of seven breaths.
It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit
to break right through to the other side."

©2018 by Mikaal Bates